My short-term goals, circa 2002.

Just found this little gem on an old CD. Upon finishing my seminal 2001 mission trip to Asia, Europe and Africa, my new boss asked me to put down my short-term goals:

  • Find a wife. (It took 8 years; 2010)
  • Get an article published. (I did a few interviews that were published, but not what I had in mind.)
  • Help my father retire. (Sorta, I made a nice website for him and offered mostly un-headed advice. He’s nearly there now.)
  • Become an upper-level manager at a small, growing business. (Put in 3 dreadful years at aforementioned boss’s startup. Not upper-level.)
  • Teach or speak to groups on business ethics or strategy. (Nope, too chicken, hate business chit chat mostly.)
  • Visit South America and Australia on business/vacation or as a missionary. (2002 to Japan and Australia; 2004 to Paraguay)
  • Read the Bible 4 times. (Not even once after an intensive 3 month course that required it in 2001.)
  • Become conversational in either Japanese or Spanish. (Nope)
  • Be a leader/deacon at my church. (Led worship for a few years; got burned out.)
  • Have a child. (Trying now.)
  • Own a home. (Condo, 2008)
  • Buy a piano. (I have a couple synthesizers)

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